What is?

A Rotarian

The Rotarians that participate in the program are volunteers. Many Rotarians are involved in various aspects of the youth exchange program including student selection, compliance with Rotary regulations, hosting, and supporting students. Each student is sponsored by a Rotary Club and Rotary District in their home country and is hosted by a Rotary Club and Rotary District in their host country. Our districts have a chair for the Rotary Youth Exchange program as well as committee members. Each Rotary Club that hosts a student provides a Rotarian counselor for the student who is the student's contact person within the club and provides support to the student when needed.

An Orientation

Prior to leaving, most districts hold orientations for the students. These orientations include a variety of seminars and activities designed to prepare students for their exchanges. Topics covered usually include program rules, discussions with former exchange students about their experiences, and information about what students need to do before their departure. Students also learn about how to make a presentation about their home country and region, which they will be required to present to their hosting Rotary club and may be invited to present to other groups as well.


The parent Rotary organization, Rotary International, has instituted a Certification Program which assesses individual RYE programs with a primary focus on quality control and student safety. Rotary groups are not permitted to participate in RYE programs without first obtaining the RI Certification.

News and Events 2016
Welcone home Rotary D9400 YEX REBOUNDS. We would love to hear about your recent travels!!! So please dont forget to share on on our FB page.

Applications are now OPEN for the 2016/2017 intake. Please apply with your local Rotary club.

District Interviews will be held on the 13 February 2016.

Orientation 1 will be held from the 4th - 6th March 2016.